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Blood donation is that the medical term for once someone offers (donates) blood. blood donation someone WHO donates blood is named a donor. within the us, folks don’t get got giving blood. those that offer blood mate as a result of they need to.

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Blood donation

When someone offers blood, his or her blood goes to a “blood bank” or specialised laboratory. There it’s tested, prepared to be used, and keep till it’s required. Hospitals will get blood from a bank to provide to patients WHO would like it. once someone gets given blood, it’s known as a “blood transfusion.”

Who will offer blood?

folks will offer blood at age seventeen or older. (Some US states let folks offer blood at age sixteen.)

People who wish to provide blood conjointly have to be compelled to be healthy and meet bound conditions. Meeting these conditions is very important, as a result of it helps to create positive that a donor is healthy enough to provide blood. It conjointly helps doctors ensure that the person obtaining the blood won’t get associate degree infection from the given blood.blood donation

Some folks wish to provide blood as a result of they understand their blood are tested, and that they wish to grasp if they need bound infections, like HIV. folks mustn’t offer blood for this reason.blood donation

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To check that you simply meet all of the conditions for giving blood, a doctor, nurse, or trained workers person can raise you queries associate degreed do an test beforehand.

Who would possibly would like given blood?

folks would possibly would like given blood if they:

●Lose lots of blood in associate degree accident or throughout surgery

●Have a medical condition that affects their bloodblood donation

Some folks have their own blood drawn and keep if they’re progressing to have surgery presently. That way, if they have blood throughout surgery, they will get their own blood.

What queries can I be asked before I offer blood?

A workers person can raise you queries about:

●Medical conditions you have got or had, as well as past surgeries

●Any recent vaccines that you simply have gotten

●How you’re feeling that day – You can’t offer blood if you don’t feel well, have a fever, or area unit taking bound medicines.blood donation

●Countries you have got lived in or traveled to

●Sex partners you have got had – Some folks have a better risk of passing on bound infections.

●Any tattoos or body piercings you have got

●Any drug use

●Your weight – those that weigh but one hundred ten pounds (50 kilograms) area unit sometimes not allowed to provide blood.

●Your last blood donation – folks can’t offer blood too usually.

What happens once I offer blood?

you’ll sit or lie back in an exceedingly snug chair. The workers person can place a needle in your arm. The needle can keep in situ whereas blood is collected from your arm. Giving blood takes regarding quarter-hour or less.

After you offer blood, another workers person can provide you with some snacks and drinks. He or she is going to conjointly watch you for a brief time to create positive that you simply don’t have any facet effects.blood donation

Before you allow, the workers person can provide you with a number to decision just in case you have got any issues or queries. you ought to conjointly decision this range if any of the knowledge you gave earlier was incorrect.blood donation

What will the test be like?

The workers person can do a fast test and check your temperature, force per unit area, and pulse (heartbeat).

He or she is going to conjointly take alittle quantity of blood from your tip to create positive that you simply don’t have a condition known as anemia. folks with anemia will feel tired or weak, as a result of their body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to hold chemical element. If you have got anemia, you can’t offer blood.

Will my given blood be tested for problems?

Yes. All given blood is tested sure as shooting infections that folks will catch from infected blood. a number of these infections embrace HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, West river virus, and pox.

If your blood has any of those infections, the bank can allow you to understand. they’re going to conjointly safely get eliminate your blood in order that it cannot infect anyone else. However, it’s important to not offer blood as the simplest way to induce tested for these infections. Doing this might place another person in danger.

What facet effects am i able to have from giving blood?

the foremost common facet effects include:

●Getting a bruise or feeling sore wherever the needle went within the skin

●Feeling tired after

Some folks will feel faint or pass out. this can be additional doubtless to happen if it’s your 1st time giving blood or if you’re young or your weight is low. to assist forestall feeling faint or passing out, drink an enormous bottle of water before you offer blood.

What if i purchase sick when I offer blood?

If you get sick inside some days of giving blood, decision the quantity the workers person gave you. looking on your symptoms, the bank would possibly throw out your blood therefore it doesn’t infect anyone else.


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